Innings Pitched is excited to say that the full website, devoted to the mechanical and sabermetric evaluation of baseball pitchers will be live on January 31st 2017. Only one week away!

In a mere three months, with only three physical articles published and minimal marketing, we have exceeded my expectations!

We are amazed that our mission and content has been so well received.

As such, we have surpassed the following thresholds:

  • 175 Unique Visitors to Website
  • 10 Newsletter Subscribers
  • 200 Twitter Followers @InningsPitched
  • 8,000 Twitter Profile Visits

We have also had substantial feedback on many of our tweets, the most successful, was one regarding our sabermetric research article, titled Pitch Counts Are Not Arbitrary Here’s Why.

Innings Pitched, Pitch Counts Are Not Arbitrary Here's Why

Innings Pitched Twitter Campaign

Thirty-five likes and five retweets, not too shabby! All thanks to you (our readers).

Innings Pitched has had some great conversations with @baseballranks @lokationnation @Joepiazza_ @rutledge_josiah and @Pronate on Twitter and we hope these continue.

We have also been granted the privilege of posting articles on several sites that serve similar baseball niches:

Look for a few of these articles to be revisited with new information added, just before the official start of the MLB regular season (end of March 2017).

Lastly, Innings Pitched just completed our first giveaway. Tickets to a minor league baseball game were put on “auction” once we reached 200 followers on Twitter. A person following us simply had to reply and retweet our tweet to receive the tickets.

Innings Pitched, Twitter Giveaway

Innings Pitched, Twitter Giveaway

Congratulations to @rutledge_josiah who chose two tickets to the Tacoma Rainers. Be sure to share pictures of your day at the ballpark!

As we end this reflection post, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far.  Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to have posts sent directly to your email and follow us on twitter for content between articles.

Thank you everybody!

*Legal Notice, if you do not want your twitter handle broadcast here, please notify us and we will remove it immediately.